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Why should you care about a Blocked Sewer?

A Blocked Sewer can make life in your household stand still. Not having a functioning water system causes slow water drainage, corrosion, and flooding and could lead to sewer back-up and more costly repairs further down the track. There can be a lot of chemicals and debris that are bad for your water flow. Here are the common reasons for a Blocked Sewer.

  • Wet wipes – A clear frontrunner, 500 tonnes of wet wipes are removed from Sydney sewers yearly.
  • Tree roots are the most common cause of sewer line blockages. In search of warmth and humidity, the tree roots from trees grow around the exterior of the pipes and eventually break the pipe or cause blockages.
  • Foreign items can be lodged in the sewer line, causing a blockage. Over the years, we have seen everything from leaves and debris, cooking grease, and hair to children’s toys.
  • Broken lines – If your pipes are older, they may be made of cement or clay, prone to wear and tear over the years. Plastic tends to last longer however it does not avoid breakage.
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If you've got a blocked drain, then you need the experts at Blocked Drains Specialists. We're certified plumbers and problem solvers, and we'll get your drains unblocked so you can get back to normal.

We have the latest equipment and techniques, and we know how to use them. We'll clear your drains quickly and efficiently, and we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our work. So if you've got a blocked drain, don't hesitate to call us. We're the experts, and we're here to help.

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Dealing with a Blocked Sewer.

If you have ever experienced the horror of a backed-up sewer, then there is no doubt in your mind how terrible it can be. The waste that backs up into our homes and creates such an inviting aroma before we realise what’s happening could cause all sorts of health problems for those who live here – not just because they’re exposed to raw sewage but also from contaminants like bacteria or viruses found within these fluids which may make people sick if ingested!

Homeowners can avoid this nightmare by performing regular inspections on their sewer line. If you find that it has been blocked or clogged, book an appointment with Blocked Drains Sydney today so this does not happen to you!

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FAQ Blocked Sewers

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A Blocked Sewer can get messy and cause big problems for your household further down the track if not fixed immediately. This makes that broken pipe or Blocked Sewer a priority. If you do not unblock your drain quickly, it can lead to major issues including damage inside our buildings and structural damage outside as well (from sewage).

A blocked sewer can:

  • Cause you problems in other areas of the house
  • Damage your pipes
  • Can cause a foul smell in your house or business

The distinction between drains inside or outside your property lines can be tricky to navigate. In general, you’re responsible for any plumbing within the boundaries of your property. Anything on public land outside the private estate would be outside your responsibility, however, there can be exceptions.

It is often a misconception that Bleach can be used to dissolve foreign objects to unclog a drain. Bleach is a toxic chemical that needs to be handled with care. If mixed with other chemicals or residual substances in your drains could cause a chemical reaction that could be hazardous.

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